Professional Services

Sensible Solutions in Today’s Complex Environments.

Think of our services like a consulting firm that’s run by your adoring mother. We want your efforts to succeed, and we’re ready to leverage our skills and experiences build your capacity and help you reach your vision.

  • Does your organization need extra help, capacity, or support?
  • Would technical support and expertise increase the value of your hard work?
  • Are you struggling to make headway with a group of stakeholders or partners?
  • Do you need another set of eyes on an issue?
  • Would compelling maps, statistical analyses, and creative visuals leverage your efforts for the greatest impact?
  • Do you want to reach a broader audience or find new partners?
  • Are you overwhelmed with work while looming deadlines rapidly approach?

If the answer is an emphatic YES -or even just a “maybe”- to any of those questions, please consider Western Sense to help you achieve your goals.

Pitch us the problem or the work, and we’ll work with you to figure out what it will take.

We’re flexible. We can establish a very reasonable hourly rate within a budget, establish a flat fee for a specific deliverable, or anything in between. Curious? Get in touch now.

Here are a few examples of past projects and expertise we can offer:

For recent examples of our work, review our mapping project the Wyoming Outdoor Council here: and our bison management and environmental impact assessment work with the Landscape Conservation Initiative and others here:

  • Group facilitation and collaboration: our greatest strength is our ability to bring people together and move forward to collective action based on mutual understanding and respect.
  • Outreach campaigns: building a strategy, media, social media, blogging, effective messaging, reaching new audiences
  • Mapping and analyses: compelling maps for display, geospatial analyses, numbers and statistics to support campaigns
  • Research and study design: we have expertise in land, forest, and wildlife management
  • NEPA analyses: we can summarize the latest NEPA documents and highlight areas of concern or significance
  • Field sampling: we have a long resume of experience with designing and conducting ecological and social research
  • Try us. We’ll let you know if we can’t meet your needs, and we’ll point you toward someone who can.

Why do we offer these services?

Much like the foundation of our developing internship program, we believe that there are many good organizations out there doing good work already. They have the will- the unrelenting drive- needed to make positive change, and they’ve established the basic “infrastructure” to do so. Their main barrier to accomplishing their ultimate goals is often only a lack of resources, be it time, money, expertise, or staff. In that, we see opportunity. We see the opportunity to help others achieve their goals, which, selfishly, might also happen to be our goals too.

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