About Us

westernsense (1)We firmly believe that the prosperity and the future of the American West are rooted in healthy and balanced communities, economies, and natural environments. A compromise of any one of the three will inevitably degrade the quality and sustainability of the others. Presently, shortsightedness and the drive for short-term economic gain has greatly impacted many Western communities and environments. Though there is a long road to achieving balance, we believe that the resources and opportunities to do so already exist and are within grasp-all that we lack is the will and the unity necessary for implementation. Western Sense is devoted to creating public will and unity, and bringing the necessary skills and resources to bear on the problems afflicting the West. It is our goal to restore balance and build a thriving, resilient West.


Western Sense is building a resilient and thriving West by improving the health and sustainability of its communities, economies, and natural environments. We involve and invest in the youth because we seek lasting solutions. We restore sense to the modern conversations of Western land and resource management, and we wield collaboration, understanding, training, and innovation as our tools of choice.


Empower citizens, managers, and elected officials with the social, economic, and scientific knowledge necessary to make informed and balanced natural resource policy and management decisions

Provide professional training and experience to youth in natural resource management. Elevate the capacity of land and resource managers to effectively manage their resources and address critical conservation and management issues.

Provide professional services to projects of agencies and nonprofits that further the mission and goals of Western Sense. These services could include research, policy analysis, outreach, facilitation of collaborative processes, general support, among others.