The Home of Western Sense


Western Sense, formerly the Forever West Alliance, is a group of hopeful and engaged individuals who live and love the West. We are based in Lander, WY, but have colleagues, collaborators, friends, and family across the American West. Together, we strive to build a resilient and thriving West by improving the health and sustainability of its communities, economies, and natural environments. We see a need to restore sense to the modern conversations of environment, community, and economy, and wield collaboration, understanding, and innovation as our tools of choice.

Though of modest beginnings, we have great ambitions. We are developing and seeking funding for some exciting new initiatives, but for now, our primary efforts are focused on the project titled “Portraits of the Real Wyoming.” The intent of this project is to document the stories of real Wyoming citizens that have been affected by fossil fuel development. We relate- through the eyes of people living and working close to the land- how the people, wildlife, and landscapes are changing. However you may feel about the development across this landscape, it is our hope that you will consider these stories, weigh in with your thoughts, and share them widely should you feel so inclined. This project is funded in part by the National Wildlife Federation through their Emerging Leaders Fellowship.